BBC Solves World Cup Streaming Delay & Lag

BBC Solves World Cup Streaming Delay & LagThe BBC says it has worked out how to eliminate “streaming lag”, which causes live TV to be delayed by several seconds when watched online.Many online viewers of football’s World Cup in the summer heard neighbours cheering goals they had not yet seen happen, because the online stream was a few seconds behind the TV broadcast.BBC Research & Development said it has now managed to “eliminate” the delay.However, its software is not ready to be rolled out to the public yet.Live TV watched online is often behind by several seconds because it takes longer to reliably send video over the internet than to broadcast it.The issue has also affected Amazon’s broadcast of the US Open tennis tournament. Analysts from streaming firm Phenix said the online broadcast was often up to 45 seconds behind the TV transmission.When video is streamed online it is broken up into small packets, which are reassembled by the recipient’s device.If each segment is very short, processing them becomes inefficient. However, if they are too long, there is more of a delay between the TV broadcast and online stream.The BBC said it found ways to create smaller segments that can be passed through the system more quickly. It said viewers of the resulting online streams would see action “at the same time as they would see it if they were watching on TV”.


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